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In a surprising turn of events, Crown Melbourne has been granted permission to keep its casino license by Victoria’s gambling regulator. This decision comes after a tumultuous period for the casino giant, which faced a royal commission in 2021 that exposed a string of wrongdoings, including money laundering, exploitation of problem gamblers, and unethical conduct.

The royal commission deemed Crown “unsuitable” to hold a license, raising doubts about the future of Melbourne’s iconic casino. However, after a two-year probationary period with a government-appointed supervisor, Crown has convinced regulators that it has addressed its “systemic failings.”

Crown Melbourne

A Controversial Decision

The decision to retain Crown’s license has been met with mixed reactions. Supporters argue that revoking the license would have resulted in significant job losses and economic repercussions for Victoria. They also acknowledge Crown’s efforts at reform, including a $200 million investment in improved financial controls and responsible gaming programs.

However, critics remain skeptical. They point out the immense fines levied against Crown for breaches of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism laws, questioning the sincerity of the company’s reform efforts. There’s a lingering concern that the hefty price tag of compliance might not be enough to deter future misconduct, particularly if profits remain a top priority.

A Conditional Reprieve

The Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC) has emphasized that Crown is on a very short leash. Chairwoman Fran Thorn made it clear that Crown is “not too big to fail” and that the regulator will be closely monitoring the company’s adherence to stricter regulations. These new regulations include increased scrutiny of high rollers, tighter controls on cash transactions, and a focus on responsible gambling practices.

The Road to Redemption

Crown faces an uphill battle to regain public trust. Reforming its corporate culture and demonstrating a genuine commitment to responsible gambling practices will be crucial. Here are some key factors that will determine Crown’s success:


Crown must be open and transparent about its operations, finances, and compliance efforts. This includes readily sharing information with regulators and the public.

Effective Implementation

New regulations are only as good as their implementation. Crown needs to demonstrate a strong commitment to enacting and enforcing these regulations throughout the organization.

Focus on Responsible Gambling

Protecting vulnerable gamblers should be a top priority. Crown must invest in programs that identify and support problem gamblers, while also promoting responsible gaming practices for all patrons.

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The Future of Crown Melbourne

Whether Crown Melbourne can truly turn over a new leaf remains to be seen. The company has been given a second chance, but it’s a conditional one. Only time will tell if Crown can rebuild trust, comply with regulations, and operate its casino in a responsible and ethical manner. The Victorian gambling regulator will be watching closely, and the public will be the ultimate judge of Crown’s success. Visit for more information on the story.

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